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What Matters?

What Matters?

What is What Matters?

A feature length documentary about three friends, two idealistic activists and one skeptic, attempting to live in poverty, on $1.25 a day, across 3 continents. The adventure takes a devastating turn when two of them survive a deadly plane crash in Africa, and all three must fight to finish what they started.

How did this all begin?

In 2005, Dan traveled to the second largest slum in Africa, Kenya's Kibera slum. In Kibera, the average person lives on $1.25 a day; there are no paved roads, no indoor plumbing or sewage control, and the houses are made out of mud, sticks, and scrap metal. Upon returning home, Dan felt a desire to make a difference but also could sense that conviction waning and decided to make a film that could help keep that passion alive. In 2007, he invited Rob and David to join him thus beginning the long fundraising and development process ending with all three leaving for Africa July 5, 2009.

What is the goal?

The goal was to make a funny, adventurous and compelling film about the ability young people have to make a difference in the extreme poverty and injustice in this world. What makes the film truly special is that it takes an honest, straightforward approach to extreme poverty that appeals to both the activist and the apathetic. Our overall goal is “to connect those who need something to live for with those who just need something to live.” We hope the film challenges the viewer to ask themselves two questions, 'What Breaks their Heart?' & 'What Makes them come alive' and think of ways to put those together.

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Genre - Documentary

Release Date: 01-01-2014

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