About Movie To Movement™

We know what you're thinking.

The site looks great, it's convenient, it has a lot of what you want to see... But what is Movie to Movement™, and what exactly do you do?

EVERYONE likes a good movie.

In fact, we would venture to say that film is today’s most influential medium. It is an art that stretches across the globe without the barrier of language or borders.

Movie to Movement™ harnesses this appeal to produce and promote films that make a difference - films which promote a culture of Life, Love & Beauty.

We can change culture, but first we must change Hollywood. By going to see Movie to Movement™ promoted films we support good films, and send a message to Hollywood that more need to be made.

HERO is the Human-rights Education and Relief Organization.  It is registered non-profit 501 (c)3 BELLA HERO has provided thousands of BELLA DVD’s to pregnancy centers across the country. We take advantage of the powerful story shared in the film and its ability to provide insight to women in an unplanned pregnancy. Our goal is that every woman who visits a pregnancy center will take home a BELLA DVD.
The mission of the Whole Life initiative is to promote a respect for the intrinsic dignity of the human person regardless of ability, age, status, ethnicity or sex.
Movie to Movement™ is your source for movies, show times, reviews, and tickets.  Producing and sharing films of Life, Love and Beauty.


Movie to Movement™ was created to promote a culture of Life, Love & Beauty. We do this through the production of our own films, as well as sharing others.

Join the Movement by signing up to be a theater captain, or just by purchasing your movie tickets here at Movietomovement.com!

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